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Panzer III Ausf N (with Schürzen) Takom-8005


Takom 1/35

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The Panzer III Ausf N was the last version of the iconic German medium tank during World War II. This tank was developed in the late 1930s as a medium tank whose main mission was to confront enemy armored vehicles and establish its superiority on the battlefield. As the conflict progressed, it became clear that its chassis was not efficient enough to mount turrets with large caliber guns that were needed to face the armor of the enemy tanks in the second half of the conflict, so the N version of the Panzer III modified its mission to become an infantry support tank, for which it mounted a short 75 mm L24 gun.

700 of these tanks were built and most of them were used on the Eastern Front.

Characteristics of this model:

  • Gates can be mounted open or closed.
  • Highly realistic configurable chains
  • High level of detail
  • Includes photoengravings

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