has recently opened its doors again, renewed but with the same spirit and way of working as always.

And in this idea of getting closer to our customers, we have launched the new club, in which we hope to expand advantages and benefits.

For the moment you will be able to benefit from discounts on your purchases. We tell you in detail how the points service of the JordiRubio modeling club works.

Frequently asked questions about the points system

How do I get points?

The points will be accumulated in your purchases and will appear in your profile. For every euro you can earn 1 point.

50 points = €1 purchase

How many points do I need to get a discount?

You can use your points whenever you want, benefiting from the discount obtained on your previous purchase whenever you want and without the need to have reached a minimum amount.

How much are the points equivalent to?

The equivalence established with the points is as follows:

1 = 50 points.

Thus, with a purchase of 50€, we will have earned 50 points, which we can redeem on the next purchase for 1€, or wait for the next purchase and accumulate this amount until we get free products.

Just remember that the points have a one-year expiration date.

How do I start accumulating points?

The only requirement is to have an account at and make a purchase.

Modeling points program

If you have any doubts or questions, remember that we are on the other side, do not hesitate to contact us.