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German Hummel self-propelled (2 in 1 start/finish) Dragon-6935MT


Dragon 1/35

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The Sd.Kz.165 Hummel was a German self-propelled cannon of World War II. His baptism of fire took place in Kursk. Operated by a crew of six, it was capable of carrying 18 shells for its 15 cm sFH 18/1 L/30 gun and more than 700 units were built by the end of the war. A distinguishing feature between the early and late production variants of the Hummel is the driver and radio operator compartment, in the early vehicles the driver had a small compartment protruding from the glacis plate. In later versions, this compartment extended across the entire width of the hull, including the radio operator.

This fabulous 2-in-1 Dragon kit allows modelers to create an early or late production Hummel. This reissued kit includes:

  • Two complete upper hulls
  • Different transmission sprockets (depending on the version, one or the other is used)
  • 15 cm aluminum barrel
  • Photoengravings
  • Magic Track configurable chains

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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 57 Puntos!


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