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German Kettenkrad with rocket launcher 2nd G.M. 1/35 Dragon-6114


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The Kettenkrad was a half-track vehicle used by German forces during World War II. This vehicle, designed by NSU Motorenwerke, combined the characteristics of a motorcycle with those of a tracked vehicle, giving it excellent traction capacity in difficult terrain. It weighed about 1.5 tons and could carry up to three people, including the driver. The Kettenkrad was employed in various roles, such as troop transport, light cargo towing and towing light armament, such as anti-aircraft machine guns. Its compact design and agility made it a valuable asset in difficult terrain and in front line supply operations. Although relatively few units were produced compared to other military vehicles of the time, the Kettenkrad left a significant mark in military history for its versatility and performance on the battlefield.

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