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U.S. infantry on tank. 1944-45 Dragon-6378


Dragon 1/35

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The column of M4 Sherman tanks, painted in an olive drab shade of green, advanced along the dusty, narrow roads of northern France. On both sides, dense vegetation and hedges closed in. Groups of exhausted U.S. soldiers stretched out on the engine decks of the Shermans, exhausted after continuous combat but grateful for the free transportation. Their weapons remained nearby, ready for an ambush or the next confrontation with the German adversaries.

Now, thanks to the release of Dragon’s latest Gen2 series figure set, it is possible to recreate this scene. The 1/35 scale set includes four U.S. Army soldiers, suitable for scenes in the 1944-45 period. These U.S. “tank passengers” are the first of their kind available, making the set a valuable resource. Dragon has recently produced accurate Sherman kits, and there are finally infantry figures to populate these tanks. Each of the four figures has a striking pose, either seated or kneeling, and have been carefully sculpted to fit the engine cover of a Sherman. Details are crisp and refined, befitting its Gen2 status. Together, they create an impressive scene of northwest Europe in 1944-45 for Sherman enthusiasts. However, these figures are also inherently versatile and can be depicted resting in almost any context. As in previous sets of Gen2 figures, these soldiers are equipped with detailed and modern molded weapons, such as the Garand M1 and BAR. Your personal equipment is also excellently represented in high quality molded plastic. These tank passengers are ready to climb aboard and move on!

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