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Panzer II Ausf.F/G Tamiya-35009

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The Panzer II was the second tank put into production as a result of the rearmament program followed by the German army after the Nazis came to power in 1933.

The Panzer II weighed 10 tons, had a 3-man crew (driver, commander and gunner) and was armed with a 20 mm anti-tank gun and a 7.92 mm coaxial machine gun. During the first years of the war the Panzer II was the main tank of the German PanzerWaffe, it was not until the Russian campaign that it lost prominence as the spearhead of the Panzer divisions and was relegated to secondary tasks such as terrain exploration or rear support.

This version of the Panzer II in its F or G variants allows you to approach model building with a simple and fun model. It also includes figures of a tank commander, and 4 Afrika Korps soldiers that will allow you to set and recreate a scene as a vignette.

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