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Panzer IV Ausf D Premium Edition Dragon-6981


Dragon 1/35

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Dragon models


Impressive Dragon model(premium edition) that you can’t miss and that arrives directly to our low cost section, at an incredible price. includes:

  • Photoengravings
  • metal turned barrel
  • Articulated chains (Magic Track)
  • Metal spokes and wheel fasteners

The Panzer IV Ausf D, an early version of the famous German tank of World War II, featured a number of notable technical details. It was designed to be a medium tank, with a 75 mm short gun and a crew of five. Its armor was relatively thin compared to later versions, making it vulnerable to enemy projectiles.

In history, the Panzer IV Ausf D participated in the early stages of the war, including the invasion of Poland in 1939 and the campaign in France in 1940. Although surpassed by later models, this tank played an important role in the history of the German Blitzkrieg.


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