Infantry tank Matilda II (Soviet Army) S-Model PS720056


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The Matilda II was a British infantry tank that was in service during World War II.

As part of the British policy of collaboration with their Soviet allies, about 1,000 Matildas were delivered to the Red Army, which used them extensively in the Battle of Moscow and for much of 1942. The Matilda proved to be too slow and poorly armed a tank to take on the German tanks, so as the war progressed it was gradually withdrawn from the front.

The Russians welded metal plates to the undercarriage of the Matilda II, in order to give its chains greater traction on the ground.

  • Weight: 25 Tm
  • Armor: 78mm (max)
  • Main Weapon: 2 Pound QF Cannon (40mm)
  • Vel. maximum road: 26 km/h


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