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The literal translation of Nashorn is “Rhinoceros” and this nickname really does justice to the fearsome German heavy tank destroyer depicted in this 1/35 Tamiya model.

Within the first 6 months after Germany invaded the USSR, it became evident that the “Panzerjäger” (tank destroyers) and tanks with which Germany had started the conflict would not be sufficient to oppose the Russian medium and heavy tanks.

In 1942 the Alkett armament company designed a tank destroyer using a chassis where it mixed elements of the Panzer III and Panzer IV and on which it mounted the 88mm Pak 43 L/41 cannon, this first model was called “Hornisse” (hornet), in a later update, already in 1943, this cannon was replaced by the “Hornisse” (hornet), in a later update, already in 1943, this cannon was replaced by the “Hornisse” (hornet). PaK 43/1 L/71 also 88mm and the result of this was called Nashorn.

The Nashorn proved to be very effective against Soviet heavy tanks and had outstanding performances (Battle of Kursk) until it was replaced by the more modern Jagdpanzer IV and Jagdpanther, which were better armored and offered lower and more difficult to reach profiles.

This Tamiya kit includes 4 figures, complete vehicle kit.


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