OH-13 Sioux (Includes Spanish version) ITA-2820

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The Bell OH-13 is one of the best known helicopters in history. Its development began after World War II, by the U.S. Army, and its operational history began in the late 1940s. The OH-13 was mass produced and used during the Korean War, where it was employed for a variety of missions, including reconnaissance and medical evacuation.

This helicopter was equipped with 3 cabin seats, reached 170km/h and was exceptionally robust and reliable.

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1 review for OH-13 Sioux (Includes Spanish version) ITA-2820

  1. Spanish

    German San Maximo Palacios (verified owner)

    Buena maqueta , a falta de montar, buena hoja de calcas con barias opciones, seis, incluida la española. Algo de flas en las piezas, nada del otro mundo. Con un poquito de documentación se puede hacer español de otras unidades.

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