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German self-propelled cannon Pz. Sfl. IV A “Dicker Max” Trumpeter-00348


Trumpeter 1/35

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The “Dicker Max” (or Fat Max) was as he was colloquially known. Panzer Selbstfahrlafette IV Ausf A, a German self-propelled gun prototype whose design was conceived in 1939 as a weapon to be used in a hypothetical assault on the French Maginot line, which never took place as the Germans occupied France through the Ardennes.

Only two vehicles of this type were produced in the war, both served in the 521st battalion and entered combat against Soviet forces in 1941 when Germany invaded the USSR.

  • Weight:22 tn
  • Shielding max: 50mm
  • Main weapon: 105 mm cannon
  • Engine: Maybach HL66P
  • Max road speed: 27 km/h


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