Sherman M-4 A3 75mm final TMY-35250


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At the end of 1944 the Second World War in Europe seemed completely decided. Nazi Germany was retreating on all fronts, the Red Army had launched “Operation Bagration” during the summer of 44 and the result had been devastating for the Werhmacht. Meanwhile, the American and British armies were advancing from France, Italy and the Netherlands, Germany was encircled by land and the night and day Raid did not cease in the air either.

In this situation Hitler decided to take a desperate measure, to launch a last offensive on the Ardennes that would split the Allied forces in two and force them to sign a peace that would allow him to focus on the Eastern front. The Führer’s delirium lasted a few weeks, the Germans surprised the U.S. forces that without air support (due to weather conditions) encircled the siege of Bastogne until the Germans were forced to withdraw. Sherman M4A3 armed with their cannons of 75mm It was the last major German offensive of World War II.


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