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German half-track vehicle Sd.Kfz 10 Tamiya-37016


Tamiya 1/35

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Within the rearmament policy initiated by the Reichwerh during the Weimar Republic, the modernization of troop carriers and artillery carriers was a priority.

In this case it was the Demag company, already in the mid-1930s and with the Nazis in power, the one chosen to develop the Sd.KFz10 half-track, in its official designation. The Sd.KFz 10 was a small vehicle, weighing about 3.5 tons, with a 6-cylinder, 100 hp Maybach HL 42 engine that allowed it to reach a maximum road speed of 65 km/h (40 mph). A large number of half-tracks of this variant were built during the war, about 14,000 of which were used to tow small artillery pieces such as the 3.7 cm PaK 36, or the 20 mm FlaK 30. It also had the capacity to transport up to 6 soldiers (plus driver and passenger).

This Tamiya kit includes 3 figures.

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