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Desert Long Range Patrol Group Vehicle (With Lewis Cannon) 1/72 Dragon-7439


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The Desert Group Patrol, also known as the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG), was a special unit of the British Army formed during World War II. Established in June 1940 by Major Ralph Alger Bagnold, the LRDG specialized in desert warfare, operating primarily in North Africa.

The primary objective of the LRDG was to conduct long-range reconnaissance missions, raids behind enemy lines and intelligence gathering. The members of the group were experts in desert navigation and survival, able to move quickly through the inhospitable terrain of the Sahara. They used light and highly modified vehicles, such as Chevrolet WB trucks, which allowed them to transport supplies and weaponry needed for their missions.

The LRDG played a crucial role in the North Africa Campaign, providing valuable information on enemy movements and positions to the Allied forces. They worked closely with other special units, such as the Special Air Service (SAS), and participated in numerous sabotage and attack operations on German and Italian installations.

Although the unit was disbanded in August 1945, the legacy of the Desert Group Patrol lives on in military history. Its ability to operate in extreme conditions and its contribution to desert warfare laid the groundwork for future special forces operations in similar environments.

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