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Ukrainian Cossack infantry. XVII century. 1/72 Red Box-RB72142


Red Box 1/72

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The Cossack infantry of the 17th century played a crucial role in the tumultuous history of Eastern Europe. Originating from the steppes and border territories of southern Ukraine, the Cossacks of the 17th century were known for their bravery, military skills and independent spirit.

These warriors formed autonomous communities in the lands of Zaporozhia, where they lived according to their own laws and traditions. The Cossack infantry was famous for its prowess in horse and foot combat, as well as for its ability to make swift and devastating raids into enemy territory.

During the 17th century, the Cossacks played an important role in numerous conflicts, including the wars between Poland and the Ottoman Empire, as well as in the struggles for Ukrainian independence against Polish and Russian domination.

Despite their fierce resistance, the Cossacks were often at a disadvantage against the larger and more organized military forces of their enemies. However, their determination and tactical skills enabled them to maintain their autonomy and resist oppression for centuries.

The legacy of the Cossack infantry of the 17th century endures as a symbol of the struggle for freedom and resistance in the face of adversity in the history of Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

The box contains 52 figures in 16 different poses

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