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U.S. Infantry with gas mask (1918) ICM-35704


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The set includes 4 figures of U.S. infantrymen wearing gas masks in 1918.

The United States’ involvement in World War I marked a turning point in the history of the country and its role on the international stage. Until 1917, the United States had maintained a policy of neutrality, but various factors, such as the sinking of U.S. ships by German submarines and the interception of the infamous Zimmermann Telegram, led the country to join the Allied Powers.

Resource mobilization, implementation of mass recruitment and economic contribution played a crucial role in strengthening allied combat capability. U.S. troops, known as the “doughboys,” were deployed on the western front and participated in key battles such as the Belleau Forest and the Meuse-Argonne offensive.

This period transformed the perception of the United States in the international arena and laid the groundwork for its future involvement in global conflicts.

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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 14 Puntos!


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