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Tamiya-35244 M-26 tractor unit for carriage recovery


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From the Normandy landings on June 6, 1944, until the complete surrender of the German Reich on May 9, 1945, the Western Allies participated in numerous tank battles where they had to face the German Panther and Tiger, slower than their M4A4 Sherman but much better armed and more difficult to destroy. An important tactical piece in these combats was the allied ability to recover inoperative armored vehicles (either damaged by the enemy or damaged) and return them in full combat conditions in a minimum time, it was precisely in this where the M26 played a very important role.

The M26 was used on numerous occasions in combination with the M15 40-ton truck, this composite vehicle was called the “M25 Dragon Wagon”, but the M26 was also used on its own on numerous occasions.

The M26 had a Hall Scott 240 hp gasoline engine, could carry a crew of 7 members, had a weight of 22 tons that could be doubled when loaded, its armor ranged from 19mm to 6.4mm and was equipped with a 6.4mm armor plating. its maximum road speed was 45 km/h.


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1 in stock

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