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German torpedo boat ‘Schnellboot S-26/S-38’ Italeri-5625


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Between the two wars, many navies carried out programs to develop torpedo boat flotillas capable of patrol and attack missions. New engine technologies ensured, compared to World War I, superior performance and higher operational efficiency. The German Kriegsmarine developed, during the 1930s, the famous S-class torpedo boats. Between 1939 and 1940 the S-26 series was built, recognizable by an integrated bow bridge with the two 533 mm torpedo tubes. The aesthetic solution of the bow was maintained and improved also for later versions. Among the most famous Schnellboote, we can remember those belonging to the S-38 version. Produced in almost 100 examples, they had a length of 35 meters and a fully loaded displacement of more than 100 tons. Thanks to the 12-cylinder Daimler Benz engines, they were capable of reaching a top speed of 39.5 knots.

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