Tiger I operation Ochsenkopf. Tunisia 2nd G.M. DRA-6328


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The Tiger I was a German heavy tank of the Second World War, probably the most famous tank of this conflict, represented on numerous occasions in film and literature.

The Tigers were distributed into heavy tank battalions, each called an Abteilung. The battalion S.Pz.Abt. 501 participated, between the months of February and March 1943 in Operation Ochsenkopf (Ox-head) in Tunisia, where they had a great combat performance, although they were finally defeated by the allied forces in May 1943.

  • Weight: 58 Tm
  • Armor: 82-102mm
  • Main Weapon: 88 mm kwk 36 L/56 cannon
  • Vel. Maximum road:30km/h

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