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THE WEATHERING MAGAZINE #36- Airbrush 1.0 (spanish) Ammo-4035


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The Weathering Magazine brings us a new issue where it explains the basics of one of the topics that most interest us modelers: The use of the airbrush.

In this issue you will be able to solve any doubts you may have about:

  • Basic fundamentals of the airbrush and the different “power sources” and complements of this tool.
  • The differences between single and double action airbrush and the most suitable purposes for each type.
  • How to dilute different types of paints to maximize their characteristics.
  • Most common errors and failures that you may encounter during its use, and their corresponding solutions.
  • Cleaning and maintenance techniques, both for the airbrush and the compressor, as well as the different accessories and complements to make its operational life as long as possible.




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