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RBT-7 tank with rocket launcher RS-132 1/72 Unimodels-703


Unimodels 1/72

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The BT-7 tank with RS-132 rocket launcher was an adaptation of the Soviet BT-7 light tank during World War II. Equipped with RS-132 rockets, mounted on side launchers, this tank showed its versatility on the battlefield. Each launcher could fire up to 8 rockets, capable of attacking both infantry and light armored vehicles effectively.

This tank played a significant role in fast offensive operations and tactical ambushes, taking advantage of its characteristic speed and mobility. Although not as well known as other Soviet tanks, such as the T-34, the BT-7 with RS-132 proved to be an effective choice for specific missions during the conflict.

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2 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 13 Puntos!


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