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Soviet tank T34/85 Zavod 183 Mod. 1944 Italeri-6545


Italeri 1/35

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The T34 was a Soviet-made medium tank that had its baptism of fire during Germany’s invasion of the USSR in the summer of 1941 (“Operation Barbarossa”, World War II).

During the course of the war the T34 underwent some minor modifications, related to the increase in frontal armor, which in turn led to an increase in weight and made it necessary to equip it with wider chains to improve its mobility. It was not, however, until 1943 that it was decided that the short 76 mm caliber gun should be replaced by a more powerful 85 mm gun, which in turn required a larger turret.

This magnificent tank was a tough opponent for the German Panzerwaffe until the end of the conflict.


  • The model is 100% new molds
  • You can choose between rubber chains or rigid plastic link-to-link assembly.
  • Includes photoengraving
  • Fully detailed engine
  • Metal trailing cables.


In low cost only while stocks last!!!!

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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 30 Puntos!


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