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Panzer IV Ausf J Tank PREMIUM Edition 1/35 Dragon-6729


Dragon 1/35

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The Panzer IV Ausf J was the last variant of the Panzer IV, one of the most emblematic tanks of the Wehrmacht during World War II. It entered production in February 1944 and remained in production until March 1945, with a total of 1,758 units manufactured. This version was developed in response to the need to simplify production and increase efficiency due to the constant pressure on German industry during the last years of the war.

Ausf J was characterized by a number of modifications that set it apart from its predecessors. Most notable was the elimination of the turret’s electric motor, replaced by a manual mechanism, which saved critical resources and reduced the tank’s weight. In addition, the amount of armor was increased and side skirts (Schürzen) were added to improve protection against anti-tank weapons. However, these improvements came at the expense of mobility and speed.

The Panzer IV Ausf J was present on several fronts, from the East in the Soviet Union to the West during the Allied invasion of Europe.

Characteristics of the model

  • 3D gun brake
  • Magic track chains
  • Photoengravings
  • Copper cable
  • Aluminum cannon

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