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Cruiser Tank Mk.I, A9 35GM003


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The Cruiser MKI was a cruiser type medium tank, developed by the British during the 1930s, the idea being that the Mk. I was a fast chariot, capable of breaking enemy lines and effectively attacking their nerve centers.

From the beginning of the Second World War the Mk.I was present in all the combat scenarios where the British were, its behavior in combat was quite acceptable since its 40 mm gun was capable of destroying the German tanks Panzer II and Panzer III, however, as the war progressed the Cruiser Mk.I A9 became obsolete.


  • Weight: 13 tn
  • Armor: 14mm
  • Main Weapon: 2 lb. QF (40 mm)
  • Vel. Max:40 km/h

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