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The Sherman Mk. III was the name given by the British to the M4A2, an American-made medium tank that fought on the Allied side during World War II.

The Sherman M4A2 was the most produced version of the famous American tank, with more than 8,000 units built between 1942 and 1944. It was manned by a 5-member crew and mounted a 75 mm L/40 gun.

The British received about 300 M4A2 Sherman tanks, which they modified slightly for desert fighting and which received their baptism in combat during the second battle of Alamein, where they achieved important successes in their fight against the German Panzer III and Panzer IV.

  • Weight: 30 Tm
  • Armor: 12.7mm
  • MainWeapon: 75 mm L/40 Cannon
  • Vel. maximum on the road: 35km/h

Commemorative kit of the Battle of Alamein. Low Cost Product! (only until end of stock!!!!)

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