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German tank destroyer Jagdpanther S-Model PS720150


S-Model 1/72

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The Jagdpanther was a tank destroyer (self-propelled anti-tank artillery) developed by the Germans from 1944 and used by them in the last phases of World War II.

The Jagdpanter was built on the basis of the Pz.kpfw V (“Panther”) medium tank with the turret removed and the space for the gun enlarged, which was housed in a fixed type armored super structure.

The Jagdpanther performed very well in combat, especially in defensive positions, with few mechanical failures and excellent firepower capable of destroying almost any Allied tank.

  • Weight:50Tm
  • Armor:80mm
  • Main Weapon: 88mm PaK 43 Cannon
  • Vel. Max Road: 46km/h


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