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Soviet heavy tank JS-2 with Soviet infantry extra Dragon-6537


Dragon 1/35

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The JS-2 was a Soviet heavy tank developed in the last years of World War II and named after the communist leader (Josef Stalin).

This kit of Dragon is a 3 in 1 which means that it allows to build 3 tank variants, the JS-1, JS-2 or the Czech-made JS-2, and also includes a set of 6 figures of Red Army infantrymen, who usually advanced to the battlefield mounted on their tanks.

  • Weight:46Tm
  • Shielding: Up to 120mm
  • Main weapon: 122mm DTS gun
  • Vel. Maxima Road: 46km/h

Now this incredible Dragon model is available in our low cost section (only while stocks last), if you find it cheaper, let us know!

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