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Sturmgeschütz IV Tank Hunter 1/35 Italeri-223


Italeri 1/35

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The Sturmgeschütz IV was built on the chassis of the Panzer IV medium tank to provide the German army, in the advanced stages of World War II, with an assault gun that was also effective as a tank destroyer. StuG IV was armed with a 75 mm L/48 StuK40 piece of high initial velocity, installed in a casemate protected by an armored mantlet, capable of piercing the armor of the main enemy armored vehicles. Distributed to units in the first months of 1944, it complemented and often replaced the StuG III assault gun, whose production had declined rapidly in 1943 due to the increasingly frequent Allied bomber raids on German industrial areas.

The StuG IV was widely used by armored units and anti-tank sections of the Wehrmacht. Thanks to its low profile, it proved particularly difficult to identify on the battlefield. This feature, together with its powerful armament, made it a valuable tool for German forces, enabling them to effectively engage enemy armored vehicles and perform direct infantry support missions.

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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 22 Puntos!


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