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Centurion Mk. V/V1 I.D.F. AFV-35159


AFV 1/35

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The Centurion It was designed just after the end of the Second World War and its excellent protection, together with its firepower, plus the numerous upgrades it has undergone, have made it a tank with a very long operational life.

Probably the country that has used the Centurion the most is Israel. The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) used this tank during the Six-Day War, in the Yom Kippur War and, even today, still has operational Centurions, heavily modified, for second-line combat duties.

  • Weight: 52 tn
  • Shielding: 150mm
  • Main Weapon: 105 mm L7 rifled anima cannon
  • Vel. Max on the road: 34 km/h

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