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British Churchill Mk III tank. Dragon-7396


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The Churchill infantry tank is distinguished by its extraordinarily long chassis and wrap-around tracks. Named after the British Minister of Defense of the time, this tank stood out for its solid armor. Throughout the war, several versions with heavier armor and more powerful armament were produced. The Mk.III, weighing 39,626 kg, debuted in March 1942. Fitted with a 6-pounder gun in a fully welded turret, it dispensed with the hull-mounted howitzer possessed by earlier variants. Its baptism of fire occurred in the Second Battle of El Alamein in October 1942, where six Mk.III tanks actively participated. In addition, the Mk.III was notoriously protagonist in the failed landing at Dieppe, in northern France.

Dragon previously released a 1/72nd scale kit of the Churchill Mk.IV, and now presents the Mk.III version. For this earlier version, new components have been designed, such as a turret and an auxiliary fuel tank. The engine details are noticeably different. The Churchill Mk.III features an exquisite level of detail and is assembled quickly and accurately thanks to time-saving features such as one-piece DS tracks and one-piece bogies. This kit is essential for modelers looking to reinforce their British tank brigades, and perfectly complements Dragon’s already available Sherman Mk.III, Sherman Firefly and Churchill Mk.IV kits.

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