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T34/76 1942 Factory 112 AFV-35S51


AFV 1/35

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The T34/76 was undoubtedly one of the best designed and most decisive tanks of World War II.

During the summer of 1941 took place the invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany, the first weeks the German divisions advanced rapidly following the same tactics they had previously used in other countries, until then the German PanzerWaffe had had to face tanks that sometimes were equal or even technically superior to theirs, however, they had never had contact with anything like the Russian T34, which surpassed them in mobility, speed, protection and firepower. Their weaknesses, which the Germans exploited with mastery at the beginning of the war in Russia, consisted mainly in the poorer training of their crews, the tactical disadvantage with which they were used and the absence of radio (which complicated their coordination on the battlefield).

While the German advance was taking place, the Soviet production was decentralized, the factories followed the instruction to constitute self-sufficient production units, that is why the same vehicle could suffer variations by the mere fact of having been produced in one factory or another.

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