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T 34/85 plant 112 (containing 5 resin figures) Border-027


Border Models 1/35

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The Soviet T-34/85 tank was an evolution of the iconic T-34/76. Equipped with an 85 mm gun, it was more capable of facing heavy German tanks, mounted a 500 hp diesel engine, which allowed it to reach speeds of up to 53 km/h and had a range of 300 km. Its 90 mm frontal armor provided good protection. With a crew of five, including a commander, gunner, loader, driver and machine gunner, it was versatile and effective on the battlefield, the Red Army used its cars as “mounts” on which to transport its infantrymen.

This model contains:

  • Faithful reproduction of the cast turret of Plant 112.
  • Aluminum cannon
  • Configurable chains
  • 5 high quality resin figures

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