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Support group of Italian Bersagleri. 2nd G (metal figures) Bolt-402215808


Bolt 1/56

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With characteristic Italian ingenuity, the Bersaglieri, sporting helmets with distinctive black grouse feathers, were easily identifiable on the battlefield. They were no mere strutters, however, as these elite snipers represented a formidable challenge in the fray.

This support group includes fancy officers, as well as a medic tending to his wounded colleague and an observer who can play the role of assistant radio operator for your commander. Providing suppressive fire are the Italian armed forces’ heavy-duty medium machine gun, the Breda Modello 37, and the robust 81 mm Modello 35 medium mortar, which provides indirect fire capability.

The box contains the following metal figures:

  • Two officers
  • A medic attending to a wounded soldier
  • A bugler
  • Medium Mortar Team (Weapon and three soldiers)
  • Medium Machine Gun Team (Weapon and three soldiers)

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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 29 Puntos!


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