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In the mid-1930s, the Werhmacht considered it necessary to build assault guns (“Sturmgeschütz”, abbreviated “Stug”) to support infantry units. These weapons would be fundamental pieces in the new idea of modern warfare that German strategists had, which was to avoid long and static battles of attrition, similar to those of the First World War. The new “Blitzkrieg” (Blitzkrieg) would be based on speed and mobility, on the tactical ability to outflank the enemy, cutting their lines of communication and supply and, finally, encircling their divisions to force them to surrender.

Daimler-Benz began developing a Stug idea based on the Panzer III chassis in 1936. In 1938 the first prototype was completed with a fixed superstructure mounted on the chassis, which reduced the weight of the vehicle and improved its defensive capabilities.

The Stug III Ausf B was the first mass-produced version of the Stug, it was powered by an engine with a Maybach HL120TRM which allowed it to reach maximum highway speeds of 40 km/hour, it was armed with a 75MM L24 short barrelThe movement, both lateral and horizontal, was limited to a 30 degree angle and had a 50 mm front shielding and a 30 mm. side one was successfully deployed in the Balkans and in the early stages of the campaign against the Soviet Union where it proved its worth in combat against superior tanks such as the KV-1 or the T34/76.

This fantastic Tamiya kit contains photoetched parts, metal cannon and vehicle commander figure.

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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 42 Puntos!


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