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Waffen SS Squadron (early period) Bolt-402212101


Bolt 1/56

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As Hitler’s military machine unleashed its devastating assault on Poland in 1939, the SS was still in the process of transitioning from a political to a military organization, becoming the Waffen-SS (armed SS) and the military branch of the Nazi party.

This figure set contains a section of 10 men (all metal):

  • 1 corporal with light machine gun
  • 2-man light machine gun team
  • 7 riflemen Well equipped and well led,

The fanatical Waffen-SS became an increasingly formidable fighting force. These elite and controversial troops were the subject of accusations of atrocities, especially in Poland and on the Eastern Front during Operation Barbarossa.

Dressed in their characteristic camouflage and helmet covers, and with squads often built around the firepower of the reliable Czech-made CZ-26 light machine gun, the Waffen-SS were at the forefront of the German Blitzkrieg offensive in the early stages of World War II.

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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 27 Puntos!


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