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If any expert, or amateur, in military history closes his eyes and thinks of the most famous air duel of the Second World War, he will almost certainly imagine a British Spitfire facing a German Bf109.
The Spitfire was a British fighter designed by the engineer J. Mitchell in the second half of the 30s, was a riveted metal monoplane, mounted an engine Rolls Royce “Merlin” with 1,100 hp, which allowed it to achieve, in the first versions, a top speed close to almost 600 km/h
The Spitfire MK.V was a variant that included several improvements over the first versions, it was ready to make its first flight at the end of 1040. To be able to fight with the magnificent FW 190, the Spitfire Mk.Vb was the first to use clipped wingtips, which greatly reduced its wingspan and was fitted with a more powerful “Merlin” engine to give it a smaller rate of climb.
The “tropicalized” version of the Spitfire Mk.Vb, intended for fighting in North Africa, included a “Vokes” air filter placed just below the nose of the aircraft.

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