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Soviet infantry winter uniform. 1/56 2nd G.M Bolt-WGB-RI-04


Bolt Action 1/56

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Set of the company Bolt Action specialized in wargames. Excellent figures of 28 ideal for collectors and lovers of Wargames.

When German forces crossed the Russian border in 1941, Hitler expected a short and decisive campaign. It almost succeeded, but the heroic defense of the huge Soviet armies stopped the Nazi advance. It was the simple Russian soldier, called “Ivan” by the Germans, who made it. Brave, steadfast and loyal, these soldiers withstood terrible battle conditions. Their equipment was simple but functional, as were they themselves.

The bloody fighting in Finland taught the Red Army hard lessons, with thousands of its men suffering from frostbite. Cold-weather gear issued later was warm and comfortable, often padded or lined, and was envied by shivering German troops in their thin overcoats.

These hardy men could lie in the snow for hours before launching their attacks. Urrah!

Soviet Infantry (Winter) includes:

  • Enough plastic components to create 40 Soviet infantry miniatures.
  • ready to fight in the harsh winter of the Eastern Front.
  • Various armament options and command models.
  • Round plastic bases (25 mm diameter)
  • Brochure with historical context
  • Weapons included are:
    • Mosin-Nagant rifle (with telescopic sight, with and without bayonet).
    • PTRD anti-tank rifle.
    • Machine guns (PPS-43, PPSh-41 and PPD-40).
    • Mosin-Nagant Carbine
    • DP-28 light machine gun
    • Tokarev semi-automatic rifle (with and without bayonet).
    • Pistols and grenade launchers for rifles.
    • Panzerfaust captured


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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 39 Puntos!


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