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Semovente L6/40 with 47/32 mm gun Italeri-6477 (REEDITION)


Italeri 1/35

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The Semovente L40 was a World War II Italian self-propelled vehicle developed on the chassis of the L6/40 light tank to provide the fast units of the Regio Esercito with an armored vehicle capable of providing artillery support and, if necessary, to be used as a tank destroyer.

The rotating turret of the L6/40 tank design was replaced and, in its place, it was mounted on an open casemate, which was equipped with a 47/32 Mod.1935 anti-tank gun similar to the one used on the “M” series tanks. The Semovente stood out for its compact size, plate and rivet armor typical of Italian production and its crew of only two.

Although limited by its already obsolete performance to face enemy armored vehicles, it was used during World War II by the Regio Esercito in Libya, Tunisia and in the Italian campaign.

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