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German half-track with 8,8cm gun. Flak 18 Trumpeter-01585

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Trumpeter 1/35

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The famous German 88 (mm) anti-aircraft guns began to be built in the early 1930s. Its first version was the Flak 18, which could fire both explosive and armor-piercing ammunition.

This Trumpeter model reproduces an 88 mm Flak 18 mounted on the chassis of a sd.fz 8, a semi-track vehicle that was widely used throughout the war. This vehicle was used as an anti-tank weapon in the first half of the conflict, where it participated in the invasion of Poland, the capture of France and in the initial phases of the fight against the USSR.

1 review for German half-track with 8,8cm gun. Flak 18 Trumpeter-01585

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