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German half-track Sdkfz 251D 1/16 Trumpeter-00942


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SDKFZ 251 D was a German semi-track armored vehicle used during World War II. This means of transport and combat stood out for its versatility and was a fundamental part of the German motorized forces. Designed to transport troops and provide battlefield support, the SDKFZ 251 D became an essential element of the Wehrmacht’s tactical mobility strategy.

Equipped with tracks at the rear and wheels at the front, the half-track allowed efficient mobility on rough terrain and roads. Its modular design allowed it to be adapted to various functions, such as troop transport, carrier or machine gun carrier.

Armed with machine guns and with a capacity to carry up to eleven soldiers, the SDKFZ 251 D stood out for its tactical capability on the front lines. Its armor provided some protection against light fire, and its presence was crucial in numerous military campaigns, from the Eastern Front to North Africa. The SDKFZ 251 D, a key component in the German military machine, left a lasting legacy in the history of mobile warfare.

This 1/16 scale model has the following features:

  • Vehicle dimensions: Length: 396.9mm; Width: 138.5mm
  • Kit of 800 pieces
  • Complete interior
  • Link-by-link configurable chains



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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 90 Puntos!


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