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SU-152 self-propelled howitzer (late) 1/72 Trumpeter-07130


Trumpeter 1/72

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The SU-152, known as the “Zveroboy” or “beast hunter,” was a formidable Soviet tank destroyer that played a crucial role during World War II. Equipped with a 152 mm ML-20S howitzer cannon, this vehicle proved to be a formidable threat against the enemy machine.

With reinforced frontal armor and a robust structure, the SU-152 offered solid protection for its crew on the battlefield. Its design, based on the KV-1S heavy tank chassis, provided stability and mobility.

The main function of the SU-152 was the destruction of enemy fortifications and armored vehicles. Its imposing cannon allowed it to fire large explosive projectiles, and it could also load anti-armor projectiles, making it a versatile hunter.

Although its speed and maneuverability were limited due to its tank destroyer nature, the SU-152 compensated with its powerful firepower and ability to engage in defensive situations. This vehicle, renowned for its imposing presence on the eastern front, contributed significantly to the Soviet success during the war.

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Compra este producto ahora y acumula 15 Puntos!


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