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The Archer was a 17-pounder (76.2 mm) self-propelled gun that entered service in mid-1944 and was active until the 1950s.

Its development was in charge of the Vickers company that used the chassis of the “Valentine” infantry support tank and on which the 17-pound anti-tank gun was mounted. This gun had proven to be very effective against German tanks but it was also a complicated weapon to move due to its size and weight, this was solved with the Archer. The Archer weighed 15 tons, was powered by a GMC 6-71 6-cylinder engine, had a maximum frontal armor of 60 mm and reached a top speed of 32 km/h (20 mph).

About 600 Archer vehicles were built and deployed in Central Europe and Italy. After World War II, 200 Archers were sold to Egypt, which used them in the Arab-Israeli Wars.

The Tamiya kit includes 3 figures: commander, loader and gunner.



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