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As the Second World War progressed, the German Panzers were increasing in size, weight and destructive power, consequently they were also becoming more and more expensive to produce and, therefore, it was more necessary to be effective in recovering each one of them from the battlefield. The 18-ton half-track FAMO and the trailer Sd.Ah.116. were some of the tools used for vehicle recovery.

The Tank was dragged by steel cables from the FAMO and then towed to the Sd.Ah.116 trailer. This set could tow tanks of up to 22 or 23 tons, such as the Panzer III or Panzer IV and all their variants, and also allowed the towing of heavy artillery pieces.

The Sd.Ah.116 or trailer type 116, had a length of 14.4 meters and with load could weigh up to 35.4 tons (the maximum load that could support was 22 tons) and its maximum speed on road was 45 km / h although normally used to be driven at an average speed of 28 km / h.

This Tamiya kit includes 12 figures. Trailer tank not included.


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