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Russian Tank T-90 MBT – Cast Turret Trumpeter-05560


Trumpeter 1/35

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The T-90, a main battle tank (MBT) of Russian origin, stands out as a formidable machine on the battlefield. Equipped with a 125 mm smooth bore rifled barrel, the T-90 has a powerful and accurate fire capability. Its automatic loading system speeds up the reloading process, improving efficiency during combat.

With a modular design and composite armor, the T-90 ensures solid protection against enemy threats, including armor-piercing shells and anti-tank missiles. Its mobility is impressive, thanks to a 12-cylinder, 1000 horsepower V-92S2 engine, which allows the tank to reach remarkable speeds in various terrains.

The T-90 also incorporates advanced technology, such as fire control systems and active protection systems, such as the Shtora defense system. In addition, it has night operation capabilities and the ability to deploy in NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) environments.

This tank, adopted by the Russian armed forces and exported to several countries, has proven to be a versatile and modern platform, establishing itself as one of the most formidable MBTs in today’s military arsenal.

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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 49 Puntos!


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