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REEDITION British Medium Tank Firefly Vc Dragon-6182


Dragon 1/35

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Dragon reissue of this impressive model that incorporates:

  • 17-pound aluminum cannon
  • 3D printed details
  • Includes two figures

The Firefly Vc was a British medium tank derived from the M4 Sherman, modified to incorporate the 17-pounder anti-tank gun, considered one of the most effective of World War II. Developed in response to the need for a tank capable of taking on the dreaded German Tiger and Panther, the Firefly became an essential component of the Allied arsenal.

The primary modification to the Firefly Vc was the installation of the 17-pounder gun in the Sherman’s turret, which required significant adjustments due to the size and recoil of the gun. A distinctive “bulge” was added to the turret to accommodate the length of the gun and provide additional space for ammunition. In addition, the internal storage was reconfigured to optimize the use of available space.

The Firefly Vc entered combat in 1944 and was prominent in D-Day and subsequent battles in northwest Europe. Its ability to pierce the thick armor of German tanks made it a feared adversary for Panther and Tiger crews. The presence of these tanks gave the allied forces a crucial advantage in armored engagements.

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