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Airbrush quick coupling with air regulation Dismoer-26320


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Dismoer, marca de modelismo


Quick connection of airbrush and extension by bayonet system.
It incorporates a rotary knob that acts as a pressure regulator.
Indispensable for low-end compressors without air output regulation.
1) Pressure regulator for special use in compressors with fixed air output.
2) Bayonet quick-connecting fitting

In precision work where we must spray very close to the surface, very light but constant air pressure is necessary to achieve the finest strokes.

In boilerless compressors with fixed air output, this type of regulation does not exist and this type of work is impossible because the constant air pressure is too high.

The connection with pressure regulator is inserted between the compressor and the extension.
It has a central ring that rotates to the left or right allowing to throttle the air flow in the direction of the airbrush at will.
Comfortable to use.
Easy to install.

End 1 : Male 1/8″
End 2 : Female 1/8″.

Compatible with accessories :
* CHVS-17040
* CHVS-17041
* CHVS-170411
* CHVS-170481
* CHVS-17070
* CHVS-17039B


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2 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 7 Puntos!


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