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Platzschutzstaffel JV44 2 in 1: Fw 190D-9 y D-11 IBG-72548


IBG Aircraft 1/72

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FW 190 D series (codename “Dora”) It is an evolution of the FW 190 A, to which the BMW radial engine had been replaced by a Junkers Jumo in-line engine with 12 cylinders in inverted V, which considerably increased the length of the nose of the aircraft (hence it also received the nickname of “langnassen” or “langnassen”).
The aim of this engine change was to achieve a higher power output that would allow the FW190 series to compete as a high-rate fighter with U.S. heavy bombers.

This IBG kit includes the two variants of the FW190 D9 and the D11.

Vel. Max: 685Km
Engine: Lancia type 102, diesel 93 HP
Range: 835 km
Armament D9 version: 2 MG 131 13 mm machine guns; 2 Mg 151/20 cannons and a 500 kg Sc bomb.
Armament D11 version: 2 Mg 151/20 cannons; 2 Mk108 30mm cannons

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2 in stock

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