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Panzer III Ausf.L Tamiya-35215


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During the German invasion of the USSR, the Panzer III and Panzer IV were the main strike force of the PanzerWaffe. It was also in the Barbarossa operation when the German forces faced for the first time the Russian T34/76 tanks and the KV1, which were clearly superior in armor and firepower to the Panzer III armed with 37mm KwK 36 guns. For this reason, among others, the Panzer III underwent numerous modifications throughout the war, with variants ranging from the letter A to the letter N.

The Panzer III ausf L was produced in July 1942, it was fitted with a 50 mm KwK 39 L/60 gun, which was effective against T34 armor at a distance of 600 meters, also the frontal armor and the gun mantlet were increased, which increased the total weight of the vehicle by 200 kg.

The Panzer III chassis was later used for other Werhmacht vehicles.

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