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Panzer III Ausf J 1/16 scale Das Werk-16002


Das Werk 1/16

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Dark Werk


The Panzer III was during the first years of World War II the medium tank designed by the Germans to fight against other tanks and as the spearhead of their armored units. Among all the variants that were produced of this tank, which evolved as the war progressed, the Ausf J (in its two gun versions kwk 38 and kwk39) was the most produced of this tank.

  • Weight: 25 tn
  • Armor: 30 mm
  • Main Weapon: KwK 38 or KwK 39 50 mm (both options are available in the Das Werk mock-up)
  • Engine: Maybach HL120
  • Maximum road speed: 40km/h

Some features of the Das Werk Kit:

  • High level of detail in the plastic mold used
  • 3 possible versions
  • Suspension individual link chains
  • 50 mm metal cannon in its two versions (long and short)
  • 2 motor anchor versions (standard and African version (DAK))

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