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Panther Ausf D With Zimmermit Dragon-6945


Dragon 1/35

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The Panther Ausf D was a German medium tank used during World War II. Armed with a 7.5 cm KwK 42 L/70 cannon and two MG 34 machine guns, this tank offered a firepower achieved by very few vehicles during the war. Its frontal armor reached 80 mm, which entailed a weight of approximately 44 tons. It had a crew of five, the Panther Ausf D had adequate mobility on the battlefield. Although it faced some initial technical problems, this tank proved to be a formidable force in German military operations.

The Dragon model incorporates highly detailed Zimmermit modeling.

Zimmerit was a special anti-magnetic paste used in some German tanks during World War II. It was applied to the surface of the armor to prevent magnetic projectiles from adhering to the tanks and causing damage. The objective was to protect the tanks against magnetic mines and anti-tank shells attached by magnets. Zimmerit was applied in distinctive patterns and textures to prevent projectiles from adhering effectively. However, its use was discontinued later in the war due to the introduction of hollow-charge shells, which were not affected by anti-magnetic shielding.

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